"the dean of Maryland Civil
Engineers and Surveyors."
—Appellant's Brief, Parran v. Wilson
J. Howard SuttonJacob Howard Sutton (1862-1940), who later would be assigned Maryland Surveyor License No. 183, left the Baltimore City College in 1878 to accept a position with Martenet.

He was placed in responsible charge of field work in 1884.

Sutton was one of the principal assistants who purchased the assets of the firm from Martenet's widow and continued the business.

"The name of J. Howard Sutton cannot be mentioned anywhere in this State without being identified with that of the man who for many years has been regarded the dean of Maryland Civil Engineers and Surveyors," wrote Edward Colgan, Esq., in his brief before the Maryland Court of Appeals for the 1931 case, Parran v. Wilson. Sutton also served on the board of directors of the Canton Company, a major development firm in early 20th century Baltimore.

In all, Sutton devoted 62 years to the firm, longer than any other partner. His son, Howard C. Sutton, also worked at the firm early in his career, and later returned to the firm after his father's death.

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