Javins tombstone

Harry G. Javins (1847-1894), died only a year and a half after the principal assistants purchased the assets of the firm from Martenet's widow and continued the business. Not much is known about Javins personally, only that he began work here at age 21, and was dead at age 46. It seems that he grew into the role of Martenet's right-hand man during his tenure here, earning the trust of the surveyor. The 1860s found him occupied in many tasks from day to day, from field surveying, to title research, to county map production, chasing after clients to collect fees and, in general, doing what needed doing. At least once, he settled on a bottle of port wine as partial payment! Payrolls in 1881 tell the story: he earned 50 percent more than the next-highest paid employee.

That being said, one other thing deserves mention: Javins apparently was so proud of his association with the firm his tombstone in Alexandria notes the fact. Few go so far as that, and we recognize and appreciate the compliment.

Baltimore Sun Obituary—April 2, 1894: "JAVINS.—On April 1, HARRY G. JAVINS, aged 46 years, son of G.D. Javins and the late Matilda L. Javins. [Alexandria (Va) papers please copy.]

"Friends and relatives are requested to attend the funeral, at eight o'clock A.M., on April 3, from his late residence, No. 729 East Preston Street. Interrment in Ivy Hill Cemetery, Alexandria, Va. Hacks waiting at B. Wheatly & Son's, Alexandria, Va."

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