George E. WimmerGeorge Elmer Wimmer (1889-1943), Maryland Registered Surveyor No. 185

Known for his attention to detail, Wimmer was arguably the most precise and methodical surveyor ever to work at the firm. He was the first to use calculating machines to assist in computations, and his records today serve as a model for documenting surveys. He was licensed by the state in the inital licensure of surveyors just after the creation of the Board of Registration.

Here is an excerpt of a letter he wrote in 1942 explaining the firm's philosophy:

"When available records are in error or in conflict, it is the duty of the conscientious surveyor to find out, and correct, to the best of his ability, such errors and conflicts, to discover, if possible, the reason for their existence, and to terminate same.

"This office has always felt that this was a service due the client, regardless of price contracted for, and has pursued this policy for the nearly 100 years of its existence, with eminently satisfactory results." [sjm04051023-7]

And that is still our policy, over 70 years later.

Wimmer died from Typhoid Fever, contracted as a result of water splashing into his mouth while he was hammering a property marker into a gutter at the Green Spring Dairy, then off Forty-first Street in Baltimore. He was dead in a little over 4 weeks.

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